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Our Story

Thistle Meadery was formed from a pure enjoyment of being involved in the Medieval scene here in Adelaide and a love of all things alcoholic. Over the course of 8 or so years we have played with, experimented with and Tested (consumed) many varied meads to arrive at the range of specialised drinks we now have.
We are still experimenting and will continue to, so that we can bring to you a unique taste to entice and enthral your taste buds and senses. 

​When only the best will do. The water that is used to produce our mead will only ever be rainwater and is filtered through a specialised Wellness filter to produce what is referred to as live water. This water has been restructured back to what it is meant to be, for best absorption by our bodies.
After trying our Mead you may not want to go back to any others.


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