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Apple and Raspberry Mead, a curious blend of orchards entwined, whispers of tales of sun-kissed fruits and ancient alchemy.


Crafted by time, its golden essence dances on the palate, a symphony of orchards and nectar, gathered from sun-kissed blossoms, honey and fruit weaves its magic. Each drop cradles the sun’s warmth, the earth’s abundance, and the bees’ tireless dance. 


The meadmaker, like an alchemist, builds the brew. Honey meets water, Apples and Raspberries collide and time nods its approval. Fermentation whispers secrets, turning sweetness into a fruity ambrosia.


Picture ripe apples, their skins blushing with autumn hues. They waltz with the honey, infusing the brew. Plump Raspberries, their vibrant hues; red, purple, and black bursting with flavour join the dance. The sweetness of Apples, the depth and hint of sweet acid and woody notes of the Raspberries cradles a drop of summer’s warmth. Close your eyes; inhale the orchard’s secrets—the rustle of leaves, the sun’s embrace.


Pour a glass, let it breathe. At room temperature, Apple & Raspberry Mead unfurls its flavours. Taste the sunsets, the entwined orchard’s magic, the bees’ devotion, and the centuries that vanished. Childhood memories rekindled.


Over ice for those who seek a frost-kissed delight, ice cubes clink. Apple & Raspberry Mead, chilled but untamed, waltzes across the tongue. A sip, a memory—a frozen zest


Apple and Raspberry Mead, where sweetness meets tang, where orchards intertwine. Raise your glass, fellow seeker, and sip from the well of forgotten lore.


So, raise your glass, dear wanderer, and sip from the well of ages. Apple & Raspberry Mead, the liquid echo of time, awaits your reverence.

Apple and Raspberry Mead

  • Ingredients: Honey, Water, Apple Juice,  Yeast


    Drink Cold, out of the fridge or over ice.

    Drink at Room Temperature (  21°C )

    12% Alc/Vol

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