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Lemon Myrtle Mead, a refreshing elixir capturing the essence of  our Australian bush. Infused with the aromatic leaves of the lemon myrtle tree, you are transported to sun-dappled groves where the citrusy scent dances on the breeze. Crafted by time, each sip is a symphony of flavours, blending the tangy notes of lemon with the delicate sweetness of honey. As you savour its golden hue, you can almost feel the warmth of the sun, its golden essence dancing on the palate, a symphony of nectar and Australia, honey weaves its magic. Each drop cradles the sun’s warmth, the earth’s embrace, and the bees’ tireless dance. 


The meadmaker, like an alchemist, stirs the brew. Honey meets water, and time nods its approval. Fermentation whispers secrets, turning the Australian bush into ambrosia.


Pour a glass and let it breathe. At room temperature, Lemon Myrtle Mead unfurls its essence. Close your eyes; taste the vibrance of the Australian sun, Lemon Fragrance, and the bees' devotion.


For those craving a frost-kissed delight, serve over ice. Lemon Myrtle Mead, chilled yet untamed, dances on the palate. A sip, a memory—a frozen enticement


Savor it slowly, allowing the flavours to linger. In that moment where Lemon meets memory, a delicate bite develops and blossoms. Bees' whispers, summer sunsets, and forgotten dreams—all captured in a sip.


Each drop of mead is a time-traveller’s sip, bridging ancient feasts and modern musings. It swirls on the tongue, whispering tales of sun-drenched orchards, the bees’ devotion, and forgotten lore. An experience to cherish and honeyed memory to share.


Passion, woven into every drop, dances on your taste buds. So, raise your glass, dear wanderer, and sip from the well of ages. Lemon Myrtle Mead, the liquid echo of time, awaits your reverence.

Lemon myrtle

  • Ingredients: Honey, Water,  Yeast

    Lemon Myrtle Leaves

    Drink Cold, out of the fridge or over ice.

    Drink at Room Temperature (  21°C )

    12% Alc/Vol

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