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Rum & Raisin Mead, a whispered alchemy of honey, Raisins and Rum Barrels, beckons from the meadmaker’s imagination.


Our Honey Blend, golden and fragrant, forms the heart of this brew. It cradles the sun’s warmth, the bees’ devotion, and the promise of transformation. From oak barrels, aged and wise, rum steps forth. Its amber hues weave tales of distant shores, pirates, and moonlit nights. It dances with the honey, a forbidden waltz.


The meadmaker, like an alchemist, forms the brew. Honey meets water, Rum Barrel meets Mead and time nods its approval. Fermentation whispers it’s secrets, turning sweetness into a Rum & Raisin ambrosia.


Picture plump raisins, sun-drenched and eager, They bask in the amber glow of honey and rum. They whisper of sun-drenched vineyards and the sea breeze. Each raisin cradles a drop of the Caribbean’s soul.


Pour it into a goblet, let it breathe. At room temperature, Rum & Raisin Mead unfurls its secrets. Close your eyes; taste the sunsets, the salt spray, the clean sea air, and the pirate’s laughter.


Over Ice for those who seek a frost-kissed delight, ice cubes clink. Rum & Raisin Mead, chilled but untamed, waltzes across the tongue. A sip, a memory—a hidden treasure.


For that decadent indulgence, raid the ice-cream parlour and combine Rum & Raisin Mead with the finest ice-cream you can capture, thick and luxurious, swirls into the mix of joy as you savour each morsel.


 Sore throat? Seek solace in this elixir. The honey’s warmth, the rum’s fire, and the raisins’ embrace—it’s a balm for weary throats and restless souls.


Rum & Raisin Mead, where sweetness meets rebellion, where honey kisses the night. Sip it by candlelight, let it linger, and raise your glass to the mysteries of the deep.


Also, raise your glass, dear wanderer, and sip from the well of ages. Rum & Raisin Mead, the liquid echo of time, awaits your reverence.

Rum & Raisin

  • Ingredients: Honey, Water, Yeast

    Raisins - Rum Barrel Staves

    Drink Cold, out of the fridge or over ice.

    Drink at Room Temperature (  21°C )

    15% Alc/Vol

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