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Spiced Apple Mead, a symphony of orchard and spice, kissed by bees and sun, forms the heart of this elixir. It cradles the apple orchard’s whispers, the earth’s embrace, and the promise of transformation. Crafted by time, its golden spiced essence dances on the palate, a symphony of nectar and history, gathered from sun-kissed blossoms, honey weaves its magic, the spices enchant and the ripe apples, their skins blushing with autumn hues, waltz with the honey, infusing the brew. Each drop cradles the sun’s warmth, the earth’s embrace, and the bees’ tireless dance magically combined with the tree’s gift. Close your eyes; inhale the orchard’s secrets.


The meadmaker, like an alchemist, infuses the brew. Honey meets the juice of the apple, and time nods its approval. Fermentation whispers secrets, turning sweetness into ambrosia.


Our honey, Cinnamon, and Cloves along with apples forms the heart of this spiced elixir. 


It cradles ancient secrets waiting to unfold. Whole cinnamon sticks join the chorus, their bark a promise of warmth. They waltz with the honey, infusing the brew. Like tiny stars, Whole cloves join the chorus. Their warmth lingers, a memory of winter nights and crackling fires. Close your eyes; inhale the fireside whispers.


Pour a goblet, let it breathe. At room temperature, Spiced Apple Mead unfurls its wings. Close your eyes; taste the sun, the Spices, the Orchard, and the bees’ devotion.


Over ice for those who seek a frost-kissed delight, ice cubes clink. Spiced Apple Mead, chilled but untamed, waltzes across the tongue. A sip, a memory—a frozen bliss


Brave souls, gather round. Heat the cauldron to 50°C. Spiced Apple Mead is in its element, warmed and willing, whispers tales of hearths and ancient feasts. It excites you like a grandmother’s hot apple pie’s that we all loved.


Spiced Apple Mead, where sweetness meets spice, were autumn dances with firelight. Sip it by candle glow, let it linger, and raise your glass to the harvest season.


Passion, woven into every drop, dances on your taste buds. So, raise your goblet, dear wanderer, and sip from the well of ages. Spiced Apple Mead, the liquid echo of time, awaits your reverence.

Spiced Apple

  • Ingredients: Honey, Water, Apple Juice,  Yeast

    Cinnamon, Cloves

    Drink Cold, out of the fridge or over ice.

    Drink at Room Temperature (  21°C )

    Drink Warm up to 50°C. – 100ml in a microwave for 20 – 30 seconds.

    12% Alc/Vol

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